The wedding ring is the most important ornament for a girl in

her life. In addition to symbolizing the love between her partner and

her partner, it also represents that she should wear it for the

rest of her life. Therefore, it really takes a lot of effort

to choose it. It needs to balance luxury and convenience of daily

life. It also needs to be fashionable and not easy to get

out of fashion. For the boys who are planning to propose in

the coming year, or the girls who want to give each other

a hint. Coloured gems Erstwhile Edwardian Emerald and Diamond Toi Et Moi

Ring USD $12,000 Tiffany & Co. Soleste Cushion $16,500 mainstream believe that

pure and flawless diamonds are the perfect marriage proposal choice, but in

fact, in recent years popular colored gems such as Vivid Turquoise, Deep

Red, Crimson, Tawny Blush and so on are monochrome as well. Erstwhile

1.04 Carat Diamond and Sapphire Edwardian Engagement Ring, USD $13,000 Trumpet &

Horn Platinum Peachtree USD $3,950 Edwardian Era refers to the British Royal

Style of 1901-1910. Style is mostly symmetrical. Vintage Patterns are the main

choice. They vary from Style to white gold design 3. Black diamond

Digby & Iona Raziel Ring $3,180 Blanca Monrs Gmez Black Diamond Aura

Ring USD $2,050 believe that Hould Bed has not thought much about

the choice of black diamond. The very unique black diamond is best

suited to daily whiole-black dressing or rock and roll. Shang's girls are

extremely stylish Style, absolutely comparing other Plain basics 4. opal Anna Sheffield

Opal Cabochon Bea Ring $5,500 Angara Pear Shaped Heirloom Quality Opal Engagement

Ring with Diamond Halo in Platinum USD $2,219, which emits mysterious luster.

When the sun shines, it reflects more rainbow light, but it's a

very dreamy choice. And the meaning of opal is love and loyalty,

symbolizing a successful marriage. 5. Double-buttoned ring A. JAFFE Delicate Split Shank

with Round Center Engagement Ring USD $3,490, SG Bridal Pave Split Shank

Engagement Ring, price request 2019 is the most popular double-buttoned ring, I

believe this trend will continue, but Style on the slightly changed, will

be popular monochrome. Style diamond rim, more refined and elegant